Internationally recognized rotational molders specializing in high appearance, tight tolerance rotomolded parts and assemblies
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Plastics News BadgeTrilogy Plastics is an internationally recognized rotational molder specializing in custom rotational molding & high appearance, tight tolerance rotational molded parts and assemblies. With one of the most modern rotomolding plants in the industry, Trilogy Plastics consistently exceeds 99% on-time delivery performance.

Our expertise is in customer satisfaction. Trilogy Plastics goes beyond rotational molding by working closely with our customers, from design to final product, to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for... quality rotomolded parts.

Our website is designed to inform you about Trilogy Plastics' rotational molding and give you a good feel for what we do... and our strength in how we do it.

Rotational Molding (Rotomolding)

Rotational Molding (often called rotomolding) is a process of making hollow plastic parts by rotating melted plastics along 2 axes inside a hot mold. The hot mold is cooled while it continues rotating to create an even coating of plastic along the inside of the mold walls.

After you explore our site please contact us to see what we can do for you. You will be glad you did. We guarantee it.

We Specialize In
Rotational Molding

Trilogy Plastics has been doing custom rotational molding since the 50's. We don't have our own product lines so our customers get 100% of our attention. We pride ourselves in achieving near 100% on-time delivery month in and month out.

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Our philosophy is to partner with our customers whenever we can because when our customers do well we will too. This partnering takes many forms. We like to be involved early in projects so we can help design for the highest quality at the lowest price. We will run warehouses for our customers shipping directly to their customers to minimize freight and handling cost. We focus on how we can do better as a team.

Lean manufacturing

Everyone says they have lean manufacturing but Trilogy lives it and has for years. Our 6S and continuous improvement process delivers the highest quality and a flexible process. That's how we can achieve 99% plus on-time delivery every year while responding to fluctuating demands.

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Flexible attitude

We want to do what makes sense for both the customer and Trilogy so we keep an open mind. If we have to develop a new process or run a new material that has never been done before we are willing to try. We have used robots to solve particularly difficult decorating problems and developed a new process to solve foam adhesion. We don't limit ourselves to what we have done but always look at what we can do.

Dedicated employees

We are located in a small Ohio town where people still care about doing a good job and take pride in their work. Trilogy works hard to find, train and keep the best people because they deliver for our customers.

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Creative solutions

We don't just mold and ship. We work with our customers to solve their problems even when we have to develop new skills and capabilities to do it. Whether it is learning about thermo-electric cooling or designing a special robot Trilogy is willing to explore different possibilities beyond its comfort zone.

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Professional relationships

Trilogy has prospered because of its people and the professional relationships they have developed. Often our best sales people are customers that have moved on to another company and know how Trilogy performs.

Advanced systems

Trilogy spends heavily keeping the company on the leading edge. Our Ferry rotomolding machines all run IRT controls; preventative maintenance is controlled by FaciliWorks; engineering runs the latest version of Solidworks; all HR functions (pay, personnel policies, reviews) are fully computerized; and scheduling is done using a proprietary state-of-the-art program.

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