Trilogy, A History of Rotational Molding

Trilogy Plastics entered the rotational molding business in 1987 with its acquisition of the Old King Cole Rotational Molding Company. OKC dates back to 1896 when it began making displays in Canton, Ohio.

In the early years they specialized in paper mache and plaster but became one of the early pioneers of the rotational molding process in the late 50's. One of the original products converted to rotational molding was the RCA Victor Dog "Nipperâ„¢" which they originally made in paper mache in 1917. Mr. Peanut and mannequins soon followed. Through the 60's and early 70's the company was recognized as a leader in rotational molding.

Unfortunately, during the late 70's and most of the 80's the company saw a steady decline first as a division of Textron and then under subsequent owners. In 1987 three partners recognized the advantages of rotational molding and the niche it filled and bought the company.

For the past 28 years Trilogy has focused on being a leader in rotational molding. Specializing in high appearance, tight tolerance parts they have consistently delivered value to their customers. They have consistently reinvested in the latest technology to create one of the finest state-of-the-art plants in the rotational molding industry. Partnering with their customers they have pushed the limits of rotational molding technology to develop award winning products that have allowed Trilogy and their customers to grow.

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