Capabilities at Trilogy

Trilogy does more than just roto mold. We offer customers a partnership that makes everyone better. Basic capabilities include:


  • 1 Ferry 200 4-arm roto mold machine
  • 6 Ferry 220 4-arm roto mold machines
  • 1 Ferry 220 3-arm roto mold machine
  • 1 McNeil Akron 1500 3-arm roto mold machine
  • 1 Ferry 330 4-arm roto mold machine

CNC Routers

  • 2 Motionmaster 5-axis routers
  • 1 Quintax 5-axis router
  • 2 DMS 5-axis routers

Secondary & Assembly

Lean manufacturing facilities for simple riveting to complex multiple part assemblies. Trilogy assemblies often use component bills of material with over 50 parts and incorporate sophisticated final test procedures.


OMS foaming machine with closed loop controls using a high pressure impingement mixing head with a capacity of 45 pounds per minute.

Tooling & Fixtures

Dedicated personnel to maintain tooling and fixtures to insure that they always produce parts that meet our customers' requirements.


Trilogy strives to deliver the highest quality parts and assemblies the first time and every time. They support this with investment in equipment (Faro Arm CMM, BYK Gardner Color Measurement System, etc.) and people (certified quality inspectors and in-house operator quality training).

Design Assistance

Trilogy offers engineering support early in the design process to insure the most cost effective design for the application. If Trilogy's customers are selling the best product at the lowest price we can all grow together. Trilogy can work in most CAD formats.


We don't just roto mold. Think of Trilogy as your rotomolding division with the ability to ship directly to your customers. Trilogy knows how to maximize the value proposition and trans shipping can add a lot of cost to your product.

Trilogy does more than most. Call (330-821-4700) to find out what they can do for you.